Find a Club - Safeguarding Code

Code Awarded Clubs in England

The providers on this map have attained the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts. This is a great way to know a martial arts provider is committed to safeguarding. We all have a role in safeguarding to help ensure our children have a great experience.

Some providers on this map are affiliated to a Sport England funded National Governing Body, and are therefore also required to comply with the NSPCC’s Standards for Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Sport Others may be affiliated to a recognised governing body, and may have also achieved their governing body’s safeguarding standards in addition to the Safeguarding Code.

For more information, check out the martial arts provider’s website and/or Sport England’s website to learn more about National Governing Bodies of sport:

As a parent/ carer we encourage you to ask questions that will help you choose a provider that is suitable for your child. The Child Protection in Sport Unit’s web site has the sort of questions to ask and what to look for in a provider: